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Amal Al Khair Dates Company (Dates Division)

The Amal Al Khair Dates Company, specializes in the manufacture and export of the finest quality dates sourced from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With over ten years of experience in the industry, and headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Amal Al Khair Dates Company sources and consolidates the finest date products in the region through quality control, administrative protocols, effective marketing and sales, and the facilitation and streamlining of export activities. We strive to ensure consistency of our products which begins with the careful selection of the finest dates around the region. Our dates are sourced from carefully selected growers, thus allowing us to ensure consistently high quality in the products we deliver. We apply strict criterias when it comes to the origin of our dates varieties. We source only the best quality, so we can make superior tasting date products. Our international dates varieties are sourced form three geographical areas: North Africa, West Asia and the Arabian Peninsula. Each country has its own specialties, dates varieties and flavor profiles. Amal Al Khair works together with specially selected farmers cooperatives using the same harvest and post-harvest processes. In addition to this, we have embraced state-of-the-art equipment, and have adapted to advanced agricultural techniques. Our storage capacity is one of the largest facilities in the kingdom and has a current production capacity of 80 tons per day. With these factors, we consider ourselves to be the leaders in providing dates of the highest standards of quality, and consumer satisfaction. Group: Amal Al Khair Holding Group Divisions: Feed Division Poultry Division Sister Companies: Al-Qasr Al-Jameel for Conferences & Events Holding Co Jamal Ahmed M. Baghlaf Holding Co Jamal Ahmed Baghlaf Real Estate Development Holding Co 1st Jeem Marketing Limited Co

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