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Jubail Energy Services Company

Saudi Can Company Limited

National Pipe Company Limited

Alfanar Steel

Saudi Part Center Company Limited

Arabian Fiberglass Products Company

Allied Technical General Trading & Contracting Est

Alaa Industrial Equipment Factory Company

Al Ajmi

Outokumpu Armetal Stainless Pipe Company Limited

Bemco Steel Industries Factory Company Limited

Saudi Gas Cylinder Factory

El Badr industrial supplies

Cordoba Eye

Delmon Industrial & Mechanical Insulation Factory Co.

Saudi Steel Pipe Company

Saudi Fal Company Limited

SAFID Company Limited

Mechanical & Chemical Supplies Company Limited

JDFF Ductile Fittings Factory


Maritime Industrial Services Arabia Company Limited

Arabian Pipes Company

Southern Rock Group

John Crane Saudi Arabia Company Limited

Jubail Energy Services Company

Southern Can Making Company Limited

Saudi Arabian Engineering Company Limited

International Tube & Conduit Company Factory Limited

Al Abdulkarim Holding

Flowrite Valves Company

National Gas & Industrialization Company

Nabeel Al Siddiq Trading

Arabian Technical Trading Establishment

Al Humaidi Establishment

Hidada Contracting Company Limited

Platinum shipping services, THINKING THE WAY FORWARDED

Alraed Alarabi Industry, Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd.

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