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Braille Patches

Assortment: we are a manufacturer of steel patches for BOBST (AccuBraille) and HEIDELBERG (Diana Braille) folder-gluer. We also make patches for flat stamping during the die-cutting process.
We offer patches:
• 4-line and 5-line - used in folder-gluer with AccuBraille and Diana Braille modules
• patches for die-cutting machines - in the range of 1 to 6 Braille lines.
Patches are made according to the Marburg Medium standard, in all languages.
Function: application of Braille points on pharmaceutical cartons. Braille points are applied when glueing cartons on folder-gluer or when die-cutting.
Material: high-quality stainless steel used for production ensures the long-term use of patches. This allows the patch to be used repeatedly for embossing repetitive runs. The fully automated embossing process guarantees the repeatability of embossed Braille points.
Quality: We have been a patrician for the giants of the printing industry for almost 10 years. Each patch is subjected to several-step dimensional and visual inspection. Laser engraving on the patch ensures its full identification. Production is carried out in accordance with ISO 9001 and in accordance with ISO 14001.
Delivery time: we provide patches within 24 hours of accepting the order.
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  • Type Braille-Patrizen
  • Model AccuBraille, Diana Braille