Smart Auto Sealing Machine of AFES Co.,Ltd.


Description of the Product

SMART AFES Tray Sealing Series is developed by applying digital 3D technology, and it is a product with invention and practical patents.

Powerful sealing Pressurized Driving & Anti Heat shrink & Wrinkle Free
Sealing and cutting in one shot with easy and simple function.

 << Features >>
 - Fully automatic operation
 - LCD display 
 - Multiple safety system 
 - Wrinkle free function (patented) 
 - 4 points powerful pressure system (patented) 
 - Digital temperature & speed indication 
 - Daily pack counter 
 - Smart program with JOB function 
 - 2-step (double) sealing for hot food 
 - Cuts the film to the contour of trays 
 - Clean and hygienic die-cut system

**Price :From 1483 USD
          Included Basic Mold(Customized Size)
          Additional Change Heater Set 300 USD

Price of the Product

Price not indicated