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Emad Bakeries

Wardat Al Mashreq Food Factory

United Food Industries Corporation Limited Company (Deemah)

United National Dairy Company

Tanmiah Food Group

Saudi Fisheries Company

Gulf Central Company

Al Eid Group

Saudi Bakeries Company

Zadna Dates Trading Company

Bahasan Trading Establishment

Al-Faris Food Industries Limited

Adbit Trading Establishment

Al-Faris Al-Arabi Trading Company

Quraish Trading Company Limited

Omar Kassem Alesayi Marketing Company Limited

NAFA Agriculture

Saudi Aramco Base Oil Company (Luberef)

National Biscutes & Confectionery Company Limited

United Sugar Company

Bafarat Industrial Group

Oasis Lina Dates

Muntazah Food Industries

Alaseel Dates

Saudi Masterbaker Limited

Printopack Saudi Modern Packaging Company Limited

National Biscuits & Confectionery Company

Saudi Support Services Company Limited

Al Faris Food Industries Company Limited

Mujally Ahmed Bamujally United Company Limited

Mohammad Yousuf Daghestani Sweets Factory (MDSF)

Modern Dairy Plant Company

Muntajat Veterinary Pharmaceutical Factory Company

Munch Bakery

Khairat Foods Trading Company Limited

Zawiya Al Zaeem Trading Company

National Food Company ((Americana Meat))

Al Madinah Dates Co.

Amal Al Khair Dates Company (Dates Division)

Saudia Dairy & Foodstuff Company

Riyadh Dates Factory

Batook Chewing Gum Industries Limited

Batterjee Ice Cream & Juice Factory

Ahmed Mohamed Saleh Baeshen & Company

Al Faris Food Industries Limited

Al Mona Company Production Of Tahina & Halawa Tahina

Al Wefag Trading & Manufacturing Company

Al Rabie Saudi Foods Company Limited

ESNAD Company Limited

Arjoon Dates & Chocolates

Global Manufacturer Company Limited

Sunbulah Group

Forsan Foods & Consumer Products Company Limited

Alkhair Trading Office Company Limited

Al-Watania Poultry

Arab Malaysian Vegetable Oil Products Company Limited

Bafarat Industrial Group

Basateen Foods Saudi Arabia Limited

Almarai Feed Factory

Jamjoom Pharma

Makkah cold Stores Company Limited

Riyadh Food Industries Company

Indomie KSA

Premier Food Industries

Agricultural Development Company Limited

Saudi Masterbaker Limited

Supreme Foods Processing Company

Vita Food Products Company

Shar Company

Al Arfaj Commercial & Imports Company

Siafa International Manufacturing Company LLC

United National Dairy Company

Universal Cold Store

The Saudi Ice Cream Factory

Yousef Ahmed Al-Gosaibi & Partners Company Limited

National Food Industries Company Limited

Shmoh Al-Madi

The National Agricultural Development Company (NADEC)

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